Piavet Travel Bag | 2018

ux design, industrial design


Piavita is a hardware-enabled SaaS medtech company that brings the veterinary industry into the digitized age. Thanks to the Piavet System, equine veterinarians can get instantaneous vital signs recordings.

The Piavet Bag is the outcome of a close collaboration with the Italian brand Tucano. Together with our industrial designer, we led user research to spot some improvements for the Piavet System. That is how this project came up: we needed a all-in-one solution to store, carry, protect, charge and use the system in extreme conditions such as stables and clinics can be. Here are pictures of the pre-production samples, the production will start in January 2019 for 10 000 pieces!

side view of the Piavet Travel Bag
inside of the Piavet Travel Bag
Piavet Travel Bag as an iPad stand
use your tablet hand-free thanks to the Piavet Travel Bag
hand-free thanks to the Piavet Travel Bag
Charging everything in the Piavet Travel Bag
a veterinarian using the Piavet Travel Bag
a veterinarian taking care of a horse with the Piavet Travel Bag
clinic management with piavet cloud app

On-site observation
We started this project by on-site observation (shadowing) at a small equine clinic outside Berlin, during a product’s demonstration. It was an exploratory phase to discover the working context of vets and identify theirs needs and habits, especially when it comes to storage of their equipments. The final purpose was to define ‘gaps’ and painpoints to come up with a design brief.

homepage of piavet iphone app

User journal
We gave this user journal to a couple of veterinarians to investigate on their daily practices. This is a semi-structured journal of 10 days which encourages them to describe their activities, the sequence of their actions, the equipment they use, their concerns, etc.

homepage of piavet iphone app

Product testing
Non-guided observation (fly on the wall) was used to evaluate the Piavet Travel Bag’s design and features. We used two manufacturer’s samples of different designs. The goal was to investigate which of the bags’ features were intuitively recognised by the participants.

homepage of piavet iphone app

Follow-up with production
Follow-up and iteration on production, details design, materials, etc.

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